Can you use oilcloth fabric on the floor?

Floor cloths are absolutely a nice choice to carpet your house floors. For several reasons, oilcloth for flooring is greatly preferred by homeowners. Below we make a look into the reasons why you should use oilcloth to beautify your house floors.

Oilcloth fabric won’t collect dust unlike regular carpeting and pile rugs. Are you looking for an interior décor makeover soon? Then make sure you prefer oilcloth fabric to normal carpeting materials to adorn your floors.

Well, oilcloth is a kind of fabric made up from cotton and PVC with some wonderful specialties. First of all, as you may know, oilcloth is waterproof and that makes it incredibly easy to clean. Indeed, it becomes an ideal choice to embellish your house floors.

Homeowners always look for simplicity. While revamping your home, you might be considering making use of some stuff that lets you manage things easily. Floor cleanliness in a home is very vital. Anyone won’t feel comfortable to see their house floors unhygienic and tainted.

In keeping hygiene of the floor, the material you use to wrap it should be of some great features. Oil cloth fabric, also known as enamel cloth, is actually a close-woven cotton duck or linen cloth that is smeared with linseed oil to make it smoother and water resistant.


It is always a nice idea to design your house floors with waterproof stuffs. It won’t make you much concerned about spilling. Since the fabric won’t soak up in water, you can clean the floors very easily.

Cleaning Oil cloth is Easier

As it is said above, oilcloth is quite easy for cleaning. Since there is linseed oil coating, it is rather smoother. This is normally due to it being used as a wipe clean tablecloth.

You can simply clean floors with a mop as you have plastered it with oilcloth fabric. Without the fear of water soaking or spilling, you can keep your house always clean. It makes things easy. Cleaning has always been a gruelling chore for most homeowners. This issue is well addressed with oilcloth fabric.

Quite Smoother Flooring is Possible

Moreover, oilcloth fabric makes your interior smoother to walk on. Its feather-touch warmth can add further to the impression of your house.

Overall, PVC on the floor is a great thing you should consider very seriously while thinking about an interior design makeover next time. For the above advantages, many people prefer this material to other customary options in order to lay out their floors. It is not also much expensive to adorn your floors with oilcloth of decent quality. I really recommend this website to buy oilcloth tablecloths.


Cabinet Construction

Defined in technical terms, cabinet construction is the basic process of putting together a four-sided furniture piece which has specific dimensions for the back, front, and the two sides. The main skeleton of the cabinet is called the carcass. There are three types of carcasses. The leg-and-rail carcass is what you would use for tables, chairs, and other similar furniture. Box-and panel carcasses are those used for vanities, chests, and even your kitchen cabinets. Finally, a frame-and-panel carcass is for constructing doors, etc. Cabinet construction may look difficult if you are not an experienced cabinet maker, but with the right materials and proper instruction, there is no reason why you shouldn’t build your own cabinet.

Materials and Tools Needed

Your best ally in cabinet construction is the table saw. Not only will it enable you to cut through pieces of wood easily and quickly ñ it also lets you easily adjust the measurements. Before using table saws, it is recommended that you know how all the parts work. If you have never used it before and are hesitant to try, then its better to seek the help of a furniture maker instead. Power tools like these can be dangerous in the hands of first-time users.

If you are familiar with power tools, though, then you must know that you also need pneumatic tools, or tools which are powered by gas. Pneumatic nail guns can save you a lot of time and effort in nailing wood pieces together. Of course, you cant make a cabinet without cabinet parts. Although you can buy all the parts you need in one package, you would have to cut them into the right size and measurements, depending on the type of cabinet you wish to have.

Finally, you need the cabinet hardware, i.e. the handles, door hinges, drawer rails, and the like.


All this said, cabinet construction can be a daunting challenge especially to those who aren’t skilled carpenters. You have to be knowledgeable in using power tools, too. To make things a bit easier, you can now buy cabinet construction packages from your local hardware store. These packages have everything you need to begin building your own cabinet unit.


Handmade Furniture

Handmade furniture can be described as furniture with a personal touch. These pieces are unique in the sense that one furniture piece is different from the others. Hey are typically handmade. Those that are made in the factory using machines are perceived (wrongly) to be sturdier, but that isn’t always the case. Real handmade furniture made by master cabinet makers like Anthony Warwick have withstood the test of time. These handmade pieces can be passed down from generation to generation, and command quite a high price when they become antiques.

Customised Handmade Furniture

Handmade furniture is a wise investment if you are serious about giving your home a unique, elegant, and cultured look. Whether the furniture you are looking for adopts a certain design or style, may it be a period piece or a preferred look for your furniture, all you have to do is to specify these to your manufacturer. You can even have your handmade furniture built to certain proportions. Some people are looking for the perfect centre table and end up with a bulky centre table that leaves hardly any space to move around. Personalised handmade furniture can get you out of that tight spot ñ literally and figuratively.

Manufacturers work with their customers during the designing process, where the customer provides all the input needed by the manufacturer in order to produce the perfect furniture product. You should take advantage of this time to tell your manufacturer exactly what you want to get out of this endeavour, so that by the time you get the finished product both of you are satisfied.

Creating Handmade Furniture

There are hundreds of furniture makers out there that claim to create handmade furniture. Be careful who you choose. It is important to note that real handmade pieces are made using only hand tools, such as a hammer and saw. The quality and craftsmanship of these products are typically better than machine-made pieces. That is why antique pieces made by cabinet makers hundreds of years ago without using table saws or machines are sought after.

Why Handmade Furniture?

Aside from quality, handmade furniture also offers you uniqueness. Everyone has different tastes, preferences, and requirements, hence the wide variety of furniture pieces which can be generated by this process. Furniture made in factories are complete clones ñ try visiting two furniture stores and look at the different furniture pieces which are factory-made. Chances are they look alike. When you buy handmade furniture, you are buying exclusivity and good taste.